Slope Stabilization Work

This is a construction method that stabilizes slopes with structures. We mainly apply methods that involve spraying mortar or concrete and inserting reinforcing steel, along with anchor work, which connects structures with the stable ground in the earth.

■ On-site Spraying Crib Work

Overview This is constructed by assembling reinforcing steel, setting up wire mesh formwork, and then spraying mortar or concrete.
Description This blends well with the soil since it is sprayed directly onto the surface, allowing for beams to be built successionally and therefore providing high durability.

■ Mortar and Concrete Spraying Work

Overview This method covers the cliff or slope by spraying mortar or concrete with compressed air.
Description This method is a popular choice, as it provides good protection against weather, temperature change, and seepage. It is effective for weathered cliffs and is also simple work.

■ Reinforcing Steel Insertion Work

Overview This method stabilizes moving soil masses and rock masses on slopes by inserting reinforcing steel into the slope.
Description This is often applied together with crib work or pressure plates. It is applied to smaller slopes with lower-scale landslide risks

■ Anchor Work

Overview This method stabilizes unstable slopes with tensile force. It connects structures on the surface with an anchorage zone made from grout on the stable ground, using tensile material.
Description This is applied together with spraying crib work, retaining wall work, and large independent bearing plates. It can be used for various grounds and purposes.

■ Water Collection Boring Work

Overview This method involves digging into the slope to drain accumulated groundwater.
Description When water accumulated underground is seen as a potential risk of landslides, this construction is applied as a preventative measure.