Environmental Greening Work

This is a construction method that stabilizes slopes with plants. We make slopes that blend with the surrounding environment over time, from artificial planting to utilizing the natural environment.

■ Vegetation Base Material Spraying Work

Overview Vegetation base material such as bark compost is mixed with seeds and fertilizer and sprayed onto the slope.
Description Even slopes with hard surfaces can be greened by artificially spraying a vegetation base, such as bark compost, mixed with seeds and fertilizer.

■ Additional Soil Spraying Work

Overview Additional soil is mixed with seeds, fertilizer, etc., and sprayed onto the slope.
Description Relatively mild slopes can be greened by spraying artificial soil with seeds and fertilizer.

■ Seed Spraying Work

Overview Seeds are mixed with fertilizer, soil amendment, anti-erosion material, etc., and sprayed onto the slope.
Description This is applied to relatively mild slopes with soft surfaces.
It is simple and can be done at an extremely low cost.

■ Crib Work with Reinforced Soil Planting

Overview A new crib work method that uses geosynthetics (geogrid, a short fiber) used in reinforced embankment work, instead of the traditional mortar and reinforcing steel, as formwork.
Description Geogrid is molded into semicircles and placed on the slope, then sprayed with amended soil (reinforcing sand) mixed with short fiber, making it possible to grow vegetation on the formwork itself (full greening).