Foreign Operations

Making the world safer with our technology.

At SOLTEC, we use our technology and expertise to change dangerous places into safe ones. This technology is needed all over the world, especially in countries where infrastructure is incomplete.
In hopes of utilizing the technology we have built up to benefit the world, we have been undertaking disaster prevention work with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in developing countries.
By creating safety in environments where danger is left untouched, SOLTEC would like to commit to work that is appreciated around the world.

Striving to save Sri Lanka from disasters with our prevention work.

SOLTEC is currently taking part in a disaster prevention project in Sri Lanka, an island country in the Indian Ocean. Many disasters such as landslides and rockslides have been occurring here, resulting in many deaths.
Leaving these dangerous spots will result in larger losses. We are conducting disaster prevention work under our principle of “not letting it collapse” rather than “fixing it after collapse.”
Being in a different country does not change the quality of SOLTEC’s work. With the technology we have fostered in Japan, we strive to accomplish more than what is expected and hope to fulfill an even larger role in the future.